Please note, quotations are generally based on current prices of materials and labour charges at the time. Because of this we can only validate our quotes for up to 30 days.

Often builds can change throughout the course of construction , this may occur due to unforseen subterraining obstacles such as rocks or even steel formations. This may change the original quote and Contemporary Deck reserves the right to charge for any fair increases on labour or materials.

Contemporary Decks is not to be held responsible for damage to any pipes or electrical wiring unless they have been made aware of in which case an onsite agreement will be made case by case accordingly.

Once construction has commenced Contemporary Decks will class the dedicated area as a work zone and to be none accessable unless accompanied by a Contemporary Decks employee.  This will be in effect for 24hrs a day until works has been completed unless otherwise arranged.  This is due to company health and safety obligations.

All materials used on site remain the property of Contemporary Decks , this includes off cuts of timber , bolts , screws or used pre-mixed concrete.

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