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What is Millboard Decking Used For?

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Millboard Decking is a form of decking that offers the same charm and appeal of real wood, but eliminates a lot of the problems and shortcomings of wood when it comes to using it in outdoor environments. Unlike plain wood, millboard decking is almost completely maintenance free. It does not allow algae growth on it, it does not swell when it gets wet, it will not rot, and it does not warp or shrink when exposed to changing temperatures. In addition, it will not stain or change colour if it has food or drink spilled on it, and it should not fade excessively when it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Safety and Millboard decking

Millboard decking is safer than a lot of other decking materials. It has good anti-slip properties, and is certified as a safe flooring material under BS79.76 - a standard that is held in high regard in the UK and Europe.

Varieties of Millboard Decking

There are several different kinds of millboard decking. Two popular kinds are driftwood and vintage decking. These weathered materials are made from antique oak boards that are more than one century old. They have been treated to ensure that they will last a long time, and that they have a uniform appearance.

Enhanced Grain Decking

Enhanced grain millboard decking is made of carefully finished oak. The smooth finish is attractive and elegant, and this affordable form of decking will look great on any modern property.

Lasta Grip Decking

Coppered and golden milboard decking with a lasta grip surface is perfect for situations where extra grip resistance is required. Lastane surfaces are also good for places where you want to reduce the ambient noise levels. Lastane helps to absorb footsteps and other noises. This form of decking is popular in leisure centers and shopping malls. The textured strips are slip-resistant and help people to keep their footing in areas where the floor may get wet or otherwise difficult to traverse.

Tactile Decking

If you want to alert people to the fact that there is a slope or a step nearby, then tactile millboard decking is a good choice. You can get this kind of decking in a wide range of colors and styles. This decking is not usually used to cover a wide surface area, but is employed near the edge of a slope or a sudden drop as an accessibility tool.

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