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The Best Outdoor Decking Paint Available

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The decision to purchase outdoor decking paint is actually a very important one. The type of paint that you choose can mean the difference between painting your deck multiple times, or only doing so once every few years. The key to making sure that you purchase the right type of decking paint is to do your research, find out what others have said, and look at the ratings that certain companies have in regard to the different types of paint that they sell. This article will address different ways for you to find the best outdoor decking paint available, and how you can save money on your purchase the next time that you need to repaint your deck.

Why People Paint Their Decks

The main reason that people decide to paint their deck is that they want to protect the wood. There is the side benefit of having the particular color that you like, one that will likely complement your home. On the other hand, you might want to consider using stain instead of paint, which is a very popular choice. Instead of just seeing a deck with a particular color, you can actually look at the grains of the wood which, according to some people, makes it much more elegant.

Choosing Paint Or Stain

You have to make a choice once you decide to paint your deck. You need to choose between paint or stain. If you already have paint on your deck, and it is peeling, you will have to remove most of the existing coat, sand it down, and then apply the new paint. A deck that has stain is a little bit different. You will notice that it doesn't look as new or rich as it once did. It could appear very dry, and you may notice cracks appearing in the lumber, the result of natural decay.

To preserve your wood naturally, by applying a coat of stain every year, you can keep the wood from drying out. It also protects it from the elements, such as rain and snow, allowing it to last much longer. The main difference between the two has to do with what you prefer. If you use paint, this will probably last a couple years opposed to having to stain your deck annually. Painting could actually save you money, if that is what is important to you, and at the same time provide ample protection for your deck.

Where To Get The Best Outdoor Decking Paint?

To get the best outdoor decking paint, you need to do a little bit of research on the different types of paint that are available. When you go to a store that sells the different types of paint and stain that are available, you will likely see some of the top names including Sherwin-Williams which offers primers, paint and deck stains and also a company called Behr.

There are other companies that may also sell this same type of paint, but if you are looking for a company with a track record for producing quality products, these two will definitely suffice. You can also get wood sealers, weatherproofing finishes, and different types of wood stain in transparent, so my transparent and solid colors. The best prices will typically come from a company such as Home Depot, or a similar home improvement store. They will provide you with low prices because they are able to purchase these products in bulk, helping people to save money on their outdoor deck project.

How To Paint Your Deck Like A Pro

It's actually very easy to do a professional job if you take the right steps. First of all, you will always want to clean the entire surface of your deck the for you get started. This can be done with a garden hose, but it is preferable for you to use some type of pressure washer if available. You will also need to strip any existing finishes prior to doing the spring, as well as lose wood fibers. If there are nails or screws that are sticking up, you need to get those below the surface.

You should then fill the existing holes with exterior grade wood filler. The next step is to use what is called paintable water repellent preservative which is what you put on before you put the primer. This will prevent mildew and rot from occurring, providing the protection that your deck will need to last many additional years. Once you have the primer on, you will then be able to apply the outdoor decking paint that you have purchased to improve its overall appearance.

The research that you do initially is going to help you limit your choices in terms of what company to purchase the best outdoor decking paint that is available, and also which company will probably produce the best quality. Look for reviews that others have left about the different paint that they have purchased, and choose one based upon their recommendations. Finally, if you have used outdoor decking paint before, you will likely have the old cans that you used in prior years. You can take that in with you to purchase the same type of paint if it actually worked very well. No matter what type of paint you choose to use, as long as you have done your research, it will look literally brand-new once the job is complete.

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