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Plastic Outdoor Decking Construction

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If you are repairing your old deck or building a new one, plastic outdoor decking will provide you with a low maintenance solution. In contrast to wood decking, plastic decking does not require repairs, painting, or staining. In the line of plastic decking there are various colors from which to make your selection. You can go for decking that resembles wood or you can get different colors that match the color of your home. The second part of this article will examine these features of plastic decking and many more.

Plastic decking offers many benefits over traditional wood decking. For starters, it is moisture resistant. Most of the brands of plastic decking have a 50-year warranty against, rot, decay, and damage caused by insect infestation. The water resistant makeup of the plastic decking helps to protect wood fibers against any moisture damage. Plastic decking has the ability to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. The color will not scrape off even with a buildup of snow and ice during the winter months. If you decide to take apart your new deck with a bulldozer, make sure the driver has One Sure Insurance to cover themselves in case of any damages.

Whether you wish to use plastic decking for your pool deck or patio, this material is probably one of the best investments you will ever make towards your home. It will help to increase the value of your property by beautification of the outdoor living space. Plastic decking is recyclable and thus friendly to the environment. It does not matter the type of traffic you have moving on the plastic decking ñ  crowds of people at a party, small children jumping and running around, a wheelchair moving, the plastic in the decking never splinters or cracks.

With plastic decking you can kiss goodbye to the problems of shrinkage and swelling. In the first few months after installation, you might notice a bit of fading in the plastic deck material but this is usually quite insignificant. This does not justify contacting the company about the warranty since this is a perfectly natural occurrence. Just like other materials, plastic decking needs to adjust to the weather and temperature of your location.

When installing plastic outdoor decking, you do not require use of any special tools. When fastening the plastic deck material to the wooden deck frame, it is advisable to use screws. When you fasten it using this particular method, you wonít face the risk of ruining the grain or splitting the plastic. If you live close to salt water, you may need to use corrosion resistant stainless steel screws. If you use screws that rust, they can ruin the beauty of the plastic decking.

Plastic Decking: Features

Plastic decking is an excellent choice since it uses what was once regarded as waste and can now be something you enjoy for many years to come.

Materials: Your wonderful new deck may just be the shrink-wrap or even plastic grocery bags that you throw away. Plastic decking is usually made out of recycled plastic, minerals as well as a mixture of wood and plastic composites or it can be made from recycled plastic only. The choice of material will depend on the manufacturer. Plastic decking is usually made out to replicate the feel and look of wood, made to withstand heavy use and weather, and is dense and heavy.

Installation: All manufacturers will provide a set of recommendations and instructions, but if you have the experience and tools, you can install the plastic decking yourself. Some decking types require pre-drilling while others do not require pre-drilling and some decking types use metal fasteners. For ease of installation, you will discover that there are interlocking planks. To determine the type of installation that is right for your product, read the instructions.

Characteristics: One of the key differences between wood decking and plastic outdoor decking is maintenance. Plastic decking does not require staining, weather proofing, or painting. You can go out to your deck barefoot without fear of splinters. Plastic decking uses no chemical treatments and mildew and mold will never be a problem for you and neither will insects be eating your deck. It will not warp and it is resistant to ultraviolet rays. It has a texture that makes it slip resistant and any type of spill will not stain it. For maintenance, all you require is some soap and a garden hose.

Accessories: Different manufacturers offer railing, posts, and trims, in many different styles. Multiple rail styles are available. Whatever your choice of style is, the same materials are used and years of easy maintenance. Here, only your imagination can limit you, therefore plan that deck you have always wished for.

Colors: Plastic decking comes in a variety of colors, so many, in fact, that it can seem confusing. Plastic decking materials come in styles that resemble walnut, cedar, redwood, teak, and many more. You can choose colors that match your home or that complement the colors in your home. You will never lack a color that will match the ones in your home. When it comes to color, you need to let your personality and style shine.

Cost: The upfront cost of installing a plastic deck is somewhat higher than that of wooden deck. However, if you think about all the expenses of both time and money involved in maintaining a wooden deck such as waterproofing, staining and painting, plastic decking becomes a better alternative.

In conclusion, this article has looked at plastic outdoor decking and its features. All that is left is to go out there, build your plastic decking, sit back and relax, and enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer you with the trouble free plastic decking.

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