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Millboard Decking Composite Decking

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It is quite normal for a homeowner to desire a deck addition to their home. When decks are considered, the real question is how to ensure that the deck will be long-lasting and remain beautiful for years. The most common wood for decks is oak. Oak last for years if properly maintained, yet it can suffer easily from the elements when it is not. This is where Millboard decking comes in. The key to a long life deck is taking out the negatives associated with real wood, and Millboard fills that need for you.
Millboard is actually a composite board made from a combination of materials that help it maintain its look, feel and lifespan. There are few people who can tell that Millboard is not real wood. The boards resemble real oak wood while being constructed from polyurethane and a mix of recycled fillers; approximately 50 percent. Each board is non-porous to prevent water damage and seepage during inclement weather. This means that you have no need for painting, sanding or finishing to keep the product looking new for years to come. Millboard is also safe from slippage because of its similarity to real wood. Because it is non-porous, algae does not build on the surface, nor does it rot with age.
You will not have to worry about sharp edges or splinters because the material does not suffer the same time and ageing damage as oak or other woods. The main safety feature of Millboard is highly beneficial to homeowners in that it is fire retardant. When tested, Millboard was shown to self-extinguish when attempts were made to burn it. This can give you peace of mind should something happen, knowing that your deck will not add to the problem. When it comes to decking, no one wants to replace, refinish or constantly maintain the wood year after year.
Millboard removes the need for this and allows you years of enjoyment and less hassle. With all the advantages of real wood, and the added advantages of non-slip material, composite construction from quality materials, multiple colours to choose from and being fire-retardant, Millboard becomes a smart choice for most homeowners. Millboard is also great for commercial uses such as boardwalks, verandas, roof terraces and much more. Take a look at Millboard decking when you consider an addition to your home or business. It can make the difference that you are looking for.

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