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Depending on how it is designed, a deck can almost act like an extra room for your home, it can be a place where you relax with friends and family members, enjoying outdoor barbecues or simply spending time together in the sun. Check out the following creative outdoor decking ideas to get inspiration for designing your own unique outdoor space:

1. Opt for nontraditional decking material such as tile.

Decks are typically made from wood. However, you can also play around with other building materials to get a completely different look. For instance, you could try laying tile over a traditional wood deck to create a beautiful raised tile surface. Many companies even sell modular kits that can be installed directly over the top of an existing deck simply by snapping the tile pieces together. That way, they can be removed at any point in the future if you want to go back to a wooden deck again.

2. Add a privacy wall to create a hidden space.

You can create the feel of an outdoor room by adding a privacy wall on one or more sides of the deck. Consider growing climbing vines or other plants near the structure to create a soft, natural feel. Properly placed privacy walls can help create a relaxing retreat where you can spend time in your backyard without feeling like you are being watched by any prying eyes. Additionally, privacy walls have the added bonus of helping to block out sound. This can be helpful if your neighbors have any loud dogs or children or if you live near a busy roadway.

3. Build a deck onto the front of your house.

Typically, when people think of decks, they picture them in backyards. However, they can help create a welcoming entryway to your home if you build them out front. Instead of traditional stairs leading up to your front door, you could have a beautiful deck to guide visitors in. This can help create a tremendous amount of curb appeal while at the same time creating a comfortable space in front of your home where you can relax and unwind.

4. Open up the space between your home and your deck.

Installing a retractable glass wall between your home and deck is a great way to create an indoor/outdoor space. These walls typically fold up in an accordion style, allowing you to open up the entire space. If you live in a warm climate, this can be a particularly wonderful way to enjoy a cool evening after a hot summer day. You might be thinking on how hard it would be to keep the glass wall clean, but don't worry you can always hire services from Edmonton professional window cleaning. Even if you can't put in a fully retractable wall, consider cutting a pass-through into the wall between your kitchen and deck to make it easy to bring food in and out for barbecuing.

5. Add built-in planters.

If you love to garden, why not enhance your deck with flowers or other plants? By building planters directly into the design, you can easily plant whatever flowers you want each season. Best of all, you don't have to worry about placing planters on the deck where they could leave rings or cause other types of damage.

6. Make your own retractable awning.

Pre-manufactured retractable awnings can be extremely expensive. However, you can easily and affordably make your own version instead. All you need to do is string cables from the side of your house out to a support beam at the opposite side of your deck. Next, take a large sheet of outdoor fabric and insert a row of grommets on each end and down the middle. Slide the cables through the grommets. Now, you should be able to slide the awning back and forth depending on whether you want it retracted or open in much the same way that you would a curtain. This can help create a shaded outdoor space for hot summer days while still allowing you to let the sun shine in when you want it. Now you can have a water proof area to bring out your futons and have a large get together. Nothing brings family closer than being with family.

7. Build a fire pit directly into your deck.

Do you love the idea of sitting outside around the fire with your family members or friends? If so, adding a fire pit into the design of your deck can be a great option. Be sure to either add built-in seating or leave enough room around the fire pit for chairs. This is one of the best outdoor decking ideas if you love to entertain guests.

8. Place your deck in the middle of a pond.

You can transform your deck into your own private island by positioning it right in the middle of a backyard pond. With a little bit of creativity, you should be able to come up with a design for a one-of-a-kind deck that is surrounded on every side by water. You can either create a small bridge out to it, or place stepping stones in the pond that you can walk on to access the deck. If you want, you can even add a small waterfall so that you have the sound of splashing water in the background while you relax on your new deck.

Hopefully, these creative outdoor decking ideas will give you some inspiration that you can use for building your own deck. As you go through the design process, try to think about which features will make your deck the most functional. More importantly, however, also think about which features will make it the most fun and comfortable. After all, the whole purpose of a deck is to provide a relaxing space where you love to spend time.

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