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Common Problems with Timber Deck Stains

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Taking care of timber decking can be extremely frustrating with many problems caused by inferior products which certainly don't do "what they say on the tin". When it is first installed timber decking looks magnificent but it can be difficult to maintain not only the appearance of the decking but also the condition of it. Correct care of your timber deck keeps it looking good and helps it to last longer without the need of repair or replacement.

So what are the most common problems associated with timber decking?
1 - If the timber decking was constructed initially using wood which was wet then you're already on a difficult road.

2 - If you choose the wrong finishing or staining products after the initial installation then you could be heading towards future problems.

3 - if you (or your timber deck fitter) don't properly seal / coat the underside of the decking or the end of the grain saw cuts then this can also lead to problems.
So, on the flip side in order to avoid any future problems with timber deck stains remember to use wood which has been properly dried, has coating on all sides (including the back) and is properly sealed on the ends. These are very difficult to seal when your timber decking has been constructed so needs to be done before you start.

If the underside and ends of the wood are not properly treated before your timber decking is put into place it leads to two possible sources of intrusion by moisture which leads to the wood expanding and contracting as the moisture levels increased or decrease according to the weather conditions. You can soon end up with warped, split and cupped wood which is certainly not what you had in mind when you first had your timber decking fitted.

Choosing the Right Type of Stain or Finish for your Timber Decking

There are many different types of stain and finish to choose from, some will definitely do a better job than others but no one product is suitable for all. Before making your final choice you need to consider;
1 - Are you treating new wood or existing wood?
2 - Has the wood been pressure treated?
3 - What type of wood are you treating?
4 - Will the timber decking be in full sunlight?
5 - If the timber decking has already been treated, are you prepared to strip it back and start again?

Timber decking can add a whole new dimension to your property for many years to come - if you just treat it right.

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